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Do not speak about your money in front of a poor person.
Do not speak about your health in front of a sick person.
Do not speak about your power in front of a weak person.
Do not speak about your happiness in front of a sad person.
Do not speak about your freedom in front of a prisoner.
Do not speak about your children in front of an infertile person.
Do not speak about your mother and father in front of an orphan.

Because their wounds cannot bear more.

-Ali [ra] 

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isn’t it absolutely crazy that the person you are going to marry is somewhere in the world right now. they could be eating, sleeping, staring up at the same sky you do wondering who they are going to marry as well.

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Every minute of our life is a test, sometime we don’t realize that it’s a test like having blessing is a test that we are grateful or not,getting angry that we are controlling our anger or not and the list goes on.It’s all up to us how we are responding to the little circumstances that are happening in our life.

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Your physical attributes, like your body, are merely borrowed. Do not set your heart on them, for they are transient and only last for an hour. Your spirit by contrast is eternal: your body is on this earth, like a lamp, but its light comes from that everlasting Source above.

Rumi- Masnavi IV: 1840-2 (via thelittlephilosopher)

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